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In the name of Allah the most merciful the most gracious  

Let us enjoin the month of mercy, forgiveness and freeing from hellfire 

Ramadan Schedule for 1443/2022 

Dear our community members,

In shaa ALLAH our first Isha and Taraweeh prayers will be Friday April 1st, and the guest reciter our beloved Sheikh Hassen Saleh.

Our guest sheikh for the month of Ramadan is Hafiz Sheikh Mohamed Hussein Saad.

Our guest every Friday and Saturday is Hafiz Eslam Gewida.

Daily Program:

Everyday from 6:30p to 7:00p Sheikh Saad Gewida and Sheikh Mohamed Hussein Saad will continue reciting the Juz from the Taraweeh the night before until the end of the Juz via Zoom and Facebook live from the Masjid.

From 7:00p to the Athan is Athkar and Dua til Maghrib time.

From 8:50p to Isha prayer sheikh Mohamed Hussein Saad will recite Quran.

Isha prayer 9:00p first ten days, 9:15p next 10 days and 9:30p last ten days.

Then four Rakaa Taraweeh, then a short speech for 10 minutes by different speakers everyday. After we continue with the last four Rakaa Taraweeh and then 2 Rakaa Shafe and 1 Witre with Dua at the end.

 Fajr prayer at the Masjid 5:40a the first 10 days, 5:15a the next 10 days and 5:00a the last 10 days followed by Dua after every Fajr prayer. 

Dhuhr prayer at the Masjid 1:15p

Asr prayer at the Masjid 5:00p.

Fundraiser (the day of giving to our center) Saturday April 9th. 

The night of power is Wednesday night April 27th. 

The Khateem Quran and Dua is Friday April 29th.

There will be a Tahajud prayer in the last 10 days 4:15a 

There will be a program for the night of power that will be sent to you couple of days before.

Imam of the center and program manager

Sheikh Dr. Saad Gewida