Iftar Registration

Book your ramadan iftar day in advance

Please be noted we might call you back to adjust the reserved days as needed.

Kindly be aware with this terms:

  • For families who would like HVICC to provide the food, the sponsorship contribution for each family is $500 per spot.
  • If a full day is sponsored by a family or a group of families who will be responsible for providing the food, HVICC will collect $500 per day to cover cleaning, paper supplies, coffee/tea, and dates. Please note that we are expecting a total of 200-250 people for Iftar.
  • If you are kindly sponsoring an Iftar and providing the food, please contact Sister Alaa at 914-602-6512 two days before your scheduled day to confirm all the details about your sponsorship.

If you have any issues or concerns, please feel free to contact Sister Taghreed at 347-610-3037 via text.