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It's time to make the change

Every contribution toward a goal is valuable, regardless of how small it may be.


We think, ask, plan, and come with best ideas with the help of our greatest Team.


We receive your precious donations, either small or big. It always makes the difference.


We start bringing that idea to life. and realize what was just a dream to become true.

Upcoming projects

  • New DayCare Center are being planned for the West Wing.
  • Replacement of All Windows at Gym.
  • Replacement of all windows at East Wing.
  • Replacement of all Windows at Old Masjid.

FINISHED projects

Since we purchased the 50,000 SQ FT Center, with the generous donations from our community, we have not stopped working to improve our facilities . We spent over $2 Million dollars in Improvements. 

Check below our main projects through the years.


  • New Gutters and Siding of entire Roof Parameter. 
  • 2021 Opened a 2500 Sq ft New  additional Masjid.
  • Renovated New Men’s Bathroom.
  • Gym Renovated.


Removal of 50,000 SQ FT and Replace with New Roofing .
Roofing Project costed over $750,000.


  •  Ladies Bathrooms  Renovations with showers.
  • Install New Heating and Air conditioner units for the Cafeteria.
  • Replace All Cafeteria Windows.


  • New paving of entire parking lot.
  • Created an outside Soccer Field, and Basketball court .
  • Created a playing  kids area outside.


  • New Underground Storage Oil Tank Installed.
  • renovated all classrooms  of east wing building .
  • Cafeteria improvements with all necessary equipment 

2006/2007 ​

removal of all  existing asbestos on the building , and new tiles throughout the building .